Tom Jones presents new album with ‘Talking Reality Television Blues’


Tom jones announced the details of his upcoming album Surrounded by time, which will be released on April 23. It is previewed today by the flagship title “Talking Reality Television Blues”, which is accompanied by an equally striking video.

The track documents the evolution of the role and impact of television in all of its formats, from its beginnings to the present day. He describes how, despite great skepticism about its relevance, the medium arrived for the first time in the lives of the general public. In her spoken word, sing-along story, the Welsh superstar tells how television has traced key moments in culture and history, from the arrival of first star Milton Berle to images of the man on the moon .

“Talking Reality Television Blues” is written by American singer-songwriter Todd Snider, whose own version is featured on his 2019 album Cash Cabin Sessions, Vol. 3. Accompanied by an atmospheric guitar and dark and gloomy textures, the punchy lyrics travel through the ages via the MTV era towards the arrival of The apprentice, when “… very soon an old man with a combover sold us the moon.” He goes on to conclude that “now here we are … reality killed by a reality star“.

Reflects Sir Tom on the subject of this unique addition to his catalog: “I was there when television started – I didn’t know I would be a part of it – but it could be that its power is to remind us of how television is wonderful, we are crazy and inventive, but also how scary the reality it reflects can be.

Surrounded by time, Jones’ first album since 2015 Long lost suitcase, is co-produced by Ethan Johns and Mark Woodward. He continues the great singer’s working relationship with the much-requested Johns, who also produced this album and its predecessors. Spirit in the room (2012) and Praise and blame (2010). The new ensemble shows Jones, now 80, still at the peak of not only his legendary vocal talents, but with his insatiable curiosity for musical invention fully intact.

Surrounded by time is published on April 23, and can be pre-ordered here.

Full Surrounded by time the list of tracks is:

“I won’t collapse with you if you fall” (Bernice Johnson Reagon)
“The windmills of your mind” (Michel Legrand / Alan & Marilyn Bergman)
“Popstar” (Cat Stevens / Yusuf Islam)
“No Hole In My Head” (Malvina Reynolds)
“Talking Reality Television Blues” (Todd Snider)
“I will not lie” (Michael Kiwanuka & Paul Butler)
“It’s the sea” (Michael Scott)
“Another cup of coffee” (Bob Dylan)
“Samson and Delilah” (Tom Jones, Ethan Johns, Mark Woodward)
“Mother Earth” (Tony Joe White)
“I’m getting old” (Bobby Cole)
“The Lazarus Man” (Terry Callier)

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