Twists abound in the Jets’ QB soap opera with Zach Wilson | Guest appearances by Mike White, Joe Flacco, Josh Johnson


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No problem. The New York Jets are here for you. Don’t worry if you missed the first 11 weeks of the series. There are seven episodes left in this quarterback-centric soap opera.

This season, rookie quarterback Zach Wilson, the 2021 NFL Fraft’s No. 2 overall pick, features special appearances from Mike White, Joe Flacco and Josh Johnson. Here’s a recap of some of the craziest scenarios yet to catch up with you ahead of Sunday’s game in Houston.

Wilson returns … without any backup?

Jets fans rejoiced when the news broke Wilson’s flawless health check on Tuesday. After sustaining a posterior cruciate ligament sprain in his knee in a loss to the Patriots in Week 7, he will start against the Texans.

But the intrigue quickly thickened …

Wilson’s full recovery coincided with reports with backups Joe Flacco and Mike White being added to the reserve / COVID-19 roster, meaning Josh Johnson will once again be called up from the practice squad to back up Wilson.

According to reports, White tested positive for COVID-19 and an unvaccinated Flacco was considered close contact.

As we learned early this season, the Jets just can’t have nice things.

Mike White mania

What do the Pro Football Hall of Fame and Nickelodeon have in common?

You guessed it. Mike Blanc.

White went from an NFL stranger to a hero after the Jets’ surprise win over the Bengals on Halloween. He joined Cam Newton as the only quarterback since 1950 to pass at least 400 yards on their first start in the NFL, with 405 yards, three touchdowns and two interceptions.

On the eve of his prime-time NFL debut, White had been named AFC Player of the Week, was introduced to the Professional Football Hall of Fame and was named Nickelodeon Slimetime “NVP” for week 8. Follow the montage of White’s teammates celebrating his Nickelodeon award in covering it with silly string.

There was excitement in the air.

White made national headlines. The fans were thrilled. Fantasy teams locked him up as a starter.

What could go wrong?

Josh Johnson’s episode

Could White still dominate against the Indianapolis Colts? If so, would the Jets have a quarterback controversy when Wilson returns?

We’ll never know.

White left Thursday night’s game in the first quarter after suffering a strange forearm injury. Prior to his early exit, he had completed 7 of 11 passes for 95 yards and a touchdown. White could no longer hold the soccer ball and had numbness in his fingers.

With White out and Flacco inactive, it was time for Johnson to shine.

Raised on the practice squad for the second week in a row, Johnson impressed. He completed 27 of 41 passes for 317 yards and three touchdowns. He played five snaps against the Bengals, but before that, hadn’t played in an NFL game since 2018.

Was her performance in Indy an omen of what was to come? Maybe not, but Jets fans can rest easy knowing that if Wilson needs a break when he returns, Johnson is more than capable of leading the offense.

Joe Flacco’s return

What was the scriptwriters room thinking with this script?

Even after doubling their confidence in White’s ability countless times, the Jets acquired Flacco from the Eagles on Oct. 25 in exchange for a conditional sixth-round pick following Wilson’s injury. In 2020, the former Super Bowl MVP threw for 864 yards, six touchdowns and three interceptions in five appearances with the Jets.

After White’s inferior performance against the Bills (251 passing yards and four interceptions), head coach Robert Saleh announced the decision to pitch Flacco against White in Week 11 against the Dolphins based on his experience. veteran.

Flacco did what was expected of him in the loss, but it was nothing special. He did, however, help showcase the talents of rookie wide receiver Elijah Moore, who finished with a career-high 141 yards.

So what’s next for the Jets quarterback saga? Will Wilson triumph on his return? Who will emerge as its long-term backup? Will Moore have his own spinoff series?

You’ll have to stay tuned to find out.

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