Vogue Williams says she’ll never do another reality show with husband Spencer Matthews again


Vogue Williams has admitted that she would never star alongside her husband Spencer Matthews on another reality TV show.

The couple worked together on two reality TV shows, the first titled ‘Spencer, Vogue and Baby Too’ aired in January 2019 and followed the couple as they attempted to navigate parenthood for the first time with their son. Theodore.

Their second season was rebranded as “Spencer, Vogue and Wedding Two” which aired in October 2019 and showed them preparing for their wedding.

However, Vogue now says that she will “never do in a million years” another reality show with Spencer.

The Irish model says she enjoyed the experience back then, but won’t be doing it again.

She shared, “We did this TV show together and honestly, I’ll never do it again in a million years.”

Reflecting on the experience, she said, “When I look now, I wonder how I did that? And with a baby.

The mother-of-two was speaking at a virtual event called Life On Line and talked about the various projects she is currently working on with her husband.

The couple now host their own podcast called Spencer & Vogue where they talk about their lives, the former reality star said, “It’s great that the video goes with the podcast because you see those funniest moments. about us together, we get along very well and working together is really good.

“But we get along really well and working together is really good.”

Spencer said he loved the show because their kids might watch it in the future: “I think it’s pretty funny! It’s not one of those glitzy, glitzy shows.

“I think it’s a pretty real tale of first-time parents trying their hand at it. It won’t be too embarrassing for Theodore to look back, I hope.

He thinks their reality show stood out from the rest because they didn’t create a storyline but were honest about their experience as new parents, he said: “I think that reality TV is so overproduced these days that it’s sort of lost its name. “

“It’s not really what is written on the tin. Our show is 100% unscripted, full of real business and we love to do it. “


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