Where is “FantomWorks” filmed? Here are the filming locations of the reality TV series


FantomWorks is a reality TV series based on Dan Short and his auto repair shop. As a former test driver, Dan Short hopes FantomWorks will become a classic car restoration workshop operating with military precision. Instead, he finds out that when he makes old cars better than new ones, nothing goes as planned. After a stint in the military, Short decided to make his passion for classic cars the work of his life, and FantomWorks was born.

Today, the company is the largest auto restoration shop in the United States, and this reality TV series shows how Short and his team meticulously renovate some of America’s favorite rides. Drama ensues in the form of personality clashes, cost overruns, angry customers, and other issues, which are compounded by Short’s reputation as a straight shooter who will not accept lower results. Standard. The first episode of the series aired on June 30, 2013. Here is FantomWorks location.

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Where is FantomWorks filmed?

According to a report by FantomWorkofficial website, the show is filmed on location at DRS Automotive FantomWorks. It is a complete restoration garage for classic automobiles, Americana, planes and boats. FantomWorks has projects both on and off screen and there is constant filming to show multiple projects at once. The auto repair shop is located on Hampton Boulevard near Old Dominion University in Norfolk, Virginia. It measures 52,000 square feet and is one of the largest auto repair centers in the country. All restorations are paid for by the customer.

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FantomWorks is a fully functional vintage vehicle restoration business providing a range of services including full restorations, modifications, tune-ups and inspections. The show turned out to be one of the most popular on the network and spanned eight incredible seasons. Dan Short, the owner of FantomWorks started the store in 2006, long before the reality show started and since then he’s been working on transforming a plethora of vintage cars and motorcycles. The reality show was discontinued in 2019 after being canceled by Motor Trend. The 9th and final season of the series kicked off on December 5, 2018, after a successful 6-year spell.

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Image credits: FantomWorks Instagram account

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