Which sitcom protagonist are you based on your zodiac sign?


Sitcom characters are rarely placed in the difficult or potentially life-threatening situations that their dramatic counterparts tend to encounter, which makes their lives a cinch in comparison. On the other hand, the issues that the protagonists of comedy face are played out as a joke, usually at their expense.

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The delicate asymmetry between their ease of existence and their transformation into a punchline is the source of humor in almost every sitcom. Their personalities are often fleshed out from multiple perspectives, elevating them to a position from which the audience can relate to their experiences. As such, fans who appreciate astrology would find categorizing their favorite characters according to the zodiac a fascinating exercise.

12 Aries – Jack Donaghy treats his job with incredible seriousness

As Vice President of East Coast Television Programming and Microwave Ovens, 30 Rock‘s Jack Donaghy treats his work with the seriousness and leadership skills of the sign of Aries.

His beliefs in capitalism and the power of money are literally unwavering, although the interaction with Liz and Kenneth has gradually softened it over time. On the other hand, Jack doesn’t hold back when it comes to his career, even if it means throwing others under the bus.

11 Taurus – Nadja from Antipaxos goes to great lengths to protect her friends

Nadja is the voice of reason in What we do in the shadows, which does mean something given how frivolous and self-centered vampires can be.

She embodies the determination of the Taurus sign, going to the extreme to protect her friends (but especially her husband Laszlo, who has a habit of falling into traps that he has made himself). Nadja’s stubbornness is revealed when she desperately tries to reconnect with her human version after the latter decides to run away from her home.

ten Gemini – Homer Simpson effortlessly adapts to any situation

Homer Simpson is a glorious paradox – although largely inept and inept, he can be incredibly smart, for example, when correcting Lisa’s semantics (much to his horror).

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As a Gemini, he’s a naturally curious character with a penchant for absurd observations. Additionally, Homer effortlessly adapts to any situation, infuriating those who dislike him but endearing themselves to others.

9 Cancer – Niles Crane is loyal, affectionate and a roller coaster ride

Niles Crane’s base character revolves almost entirely around his overly elitist taste for high culture. On the other hand, the Cancer within him emerges in the form of his enduring loyalty and affection for his family, as evidenced by his interactions with Frasier, Martin and, most importantly, Daphne.

Niles experiences particularly strong mood swings when things don’t turn out the way he hoped, but he doesn’t always learn from the mistakes he makes.

8 Lion – Murphy Brown’s journalistic integrity and love of attention go hand in hand

Murphy Brown isn’t always warm and open, but her dominant demeanor and sense of public responsibility are reminiscent of the sign of Leo. She becomes a notable presence in Washington DC almost overnight, deserving kudos for her drive and unwillingness to compromise on sensitive issues.

While her interest in journalism always comes first, there’s no doubt that Murphy enjoys being the center of attention whenever she gets the chance.

7 Virgo – Monica Geller redefines the meaning of perfectionism

Virgos are known for their stubborn perfectionism – they constantly set the bar high that they expect them (and everyone else) to achieve, making them difficult people to deal with on a day-to-day basis.

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Monica Geller fits that description to a T, from her obsession with hygiene and order to her occasional bossy nature. She is also aggressive during games and sports, whether serious or friendly, bringing out her demanding side that little. Friends the characters appreciate.

6 Libra – Jerry Seinfeld’s failures are inevitably outweighed by successes

Jerry Seinfeld is averse to conflict, preferring to take a step back and let tough issues resolve on their own or simply implode.

Being a Libra, he strongly believes that life will balance out eventually, even though his general observations are tinged with bitter cynicism. Jerry is what Kramer calls an Even Steven because his life is never really turned upside down: failures inevitably are outweighed by successes.

5 Scorpio – Sheldon Cooper’s arrogance is backed up by his glowing genius

Scorpios are prone to self-aggrandizement, inflating their accomplishments beyond recognition that they sometimes seem incredible. However, those who are born under this astrological sign are more than able to support their egos with real work, because The Big Bang Theory‘s Sheldon Cooper proves it with his academic talent.

His narcissism, while squeaking, gradually subsides to a tolerable level as he begins to shed his manipulative habits in favor of strengthening his friendships.

4 Sagittarius – Lucy Ricardo is kind, dedicated and brutally honest

Lucy is the very definition of the icon, being one of the first major sitcom protagonists in television history. His character in I love lucy is riddled with fascinating imperfections, such as the classic Sagittarius tendency to hype and impatience.

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At the same time, Lucy is undeniably kind, dedicated and surprisingly liberal for the 1950s. She doesn’t always accept the decisions of her husband Ricky and uses his brutal honesty as a weapon against patriarchy (to the best of her ability).

3 Capricorn – Morty Smith is reliable and committed to his family

Morty Smith behaves like any other teenager, except for the fact that he goes on excursions that bend reality into surreal dimensions. These adventures helped shape his mind and beliefs, but he remains a Capricorn in essence.

Morty is reliable and committed, taking the trouble to get his grandfather out of sticky spots despite Rick’s ingratitude and occasional abuse. Interestingly, Evil Morty’s ambition and inability to forgive is rather capricorn in essence.

2 Aquarius – Sophia Petrillo’s mind is not hampered by social expectations

Sophia Petrillo is possibly the oldest character in Golden girls, but it is full of life and pungent beyond measure. She is given to sarcastic responses and harsh judgments, but simultaneously displays a degree of affection for Rose, Blanche and Dorothy that cannot be effectively translated into words.

Sophia Petrillo is an Aquarius in that her mind is free and free from the expectations of society – she goes her own way and is respected for it.

1 Pisces – Dewey Wilkerson is more empathetic than the rest of his family

Dewey Wilkerson begins his stint on Malcolm in the middle like the baby of the family, even though his parents and brothers ignore him at best and mistreat him at worst.

Although he was intimidated by Malcolm and Reese, Dewey developed an almost scholarly musical genius, placing him in the most artistic sign of the zodiac, Pisces. He shows relatively more empathy than the other characters on the show, even though he’s systematically downcast when trying to put his ideas into practice.

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